Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finn's B-day Dinner

In our house birthday dinners are never questioned. The honoree plans the meal from start to finish without exception and tonight Finn had his turn!

On the Menu:
Roasted Rack of Lamb with Herbs de Provence
McDonald's French Fries
Smoked Paprika Green Beans
Diet Coke
We loved his menu and we think it shows Finn is living comfortably in the bubble between boyhood and manhood as every ten year old boy should!
We are pretty sure he made a killer wish!


Mary said...

OMG that is awesome

Andrew said...

Trust that the diet coke rounded things out nicely!

Angela said...

Nice pickings Finn! Hope he had a great birthday.

Mel said...

Finn always makes interesting choices! Since Emma was four she's always had the same thing...ribs, Lima beans, and baked potatoes. Finn is forever changing things up! This was by far one of our favorites yet!

Mb said...

Happy Birthday Finn!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so having lamb and fries this weekend!

Nubia said...

smoked paprika green beans? Hmmm...that sounds amazing. I <3 green beans. Gonna have to try these! On another note, I love this bday menu...totally amazing.

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