Friday, March 26, 2010

Dinner Avec Asim

Last night I crashed a work function.
Leif and his staff were saying a casual good-bye to a co-worker heading to Washington to take a prestigious position at the Cooperation for National Service.
I went, in part, because the send-off celebration was at Avec.
I mean, give me chorizo-stuffed Medjool dates with smoked bacon and piquillo pepper-tomato sauce and wood-fired flatbread with speck, morbier, pears and arugula on a Thursday night and I am happy girl! As much as I love Paul Kahn and his cuisine, I crashed this little party because I adore Asim and will sincerely miss his frequent trips to visit us at home. Leif's relationship with this great man evolved over a decade and morphed beautifully into a sincere, honest, and loyal friendship and I am proud to say Asim has become my dear friend, too. We've enjoyed middle of the night egg sandwiches and more than one Thanksgiving turkey together. Without exception, I count Asim among my favorite people to feed. We've played hours of Wii, shared more than a couple glasses of wine, and consumed all kinds of memorable meals in our dining room over the years, but most importantly he has become a fixture in our family and a role model for Emma and Finn.
Cheers to the comfort of memories, Asim, and the joy and excitement your bright future holds.
Don't be a stranger kitchen is always open.

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Nubia said...

Look at how little Em and Finn were! I'm totally stealing this picture for the additional pages of the book!

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