Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Working Dinner

Tonight was all about feeding someone, but it was about far more than food.
It was about marketing the stay at home mom.
It is far easier than you might think.
I stayed out of the way as much as possible and let Leif work his resume building magic.
I was in the kitchen, of course, providing a five course dinner for our gorgeous guest.
The evening was delightful and so was this dish...
...sesame lime crusted salmon with daikon cucumber relish.
Oddly enough this was my sleeper dish of the night. I already had the salmon and just paired it with flavors I enjoy. Honestly, the plate was a little selfish, but before I knew it the dish I had given the least thought turned out to be the highlight of our meal.
Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself and understand you are capable of delivering more than you ever thought possible.
Are you listening Jules?
Because we believe in you.

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