Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Dinner!

To celebrate the Superbowl I cooked up a bunch of football friendly fare. Our appetizers included bacon cheddar potato skins and spicy honey BBQ chicken wings.
Talk about a couple of treats! Super Yum!

We finished off our pig skin party with a piping hot bowl of Beef, Andouille & Three Bean Chili with Avocado, Jalapeno, Lime, Scallion Cream, Cilantro, and Cheddar. Okay, we also garnished the dish with Frito's, but I thought it would look tacky in the photo.
To conquer dessert, I made a deal with my friend Rhonda to trade enough chili for her family for some of her homemade Pound Cake. Rhonda makes a wickedly delicious pound cake and it is one of my all time favorite desserts...when it turns out. Rhonda brought the cake over this evening she giggled out, "This really isn't a fair trade. Just look at this cake."
The poor cake was quite sunken and it had a liquid center.
We estimate it weighed in at 8 pounds and it was cracking under all that pressure.
This cake was baked with love...about one extra pound of love in the form of butter.
Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing; all that extra butter rendered this poor cake inedible.
The laughs Rhonda and I shared tonight, however, were sweeter than a perfectly baked cake ever would have been!

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