Saturday, February 27, 2010


Each year the student body of Irving honors one staff member with a pie in the face at the school's annual fun fair. Staff members nominate themselves for this opportunity and students drop money into the jar of the person they think deserves the splat in the face most.
Today the highest honors went to Ms. Johnson the school secretary! She put on quite a show and the contest raised nearly $600 this year.
It is a pretty huge compliment from the students to get the pie in the face...although I think there is some pretty big money moving among the staff, too!


Mary said...

I bet the kids just love it!

Tee said...

Thanks for posting this. We had to miss fun fair this year because Drew had regionals for wrestling. He was really glad to know who won, altho he was rooting for Mr. Gray to get the pie in the face.

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