Thursday, February 4, 2010

A note on Emma.

I honestly feel like I have barely seen Emma lately and when I do see her she is usually here...
...snuggled up with her favorite childhood stuffed animal and dead asleep.

She has always been a busy girl; school, dance, and homework have taken up the majority of her time for years, but now she has added an entirely fascinating social life to her packed schedule. She runs off to the movies on the spur of the moment, walks to the local cafe to enjoy a lunch with friends, jets off to South Haven to spend week-ends at the lake, and babysits pretty much every night she doesn't have plans! Lately she has attended larger events including a super cool birthday party at the Double Door and her first very first Bat Mitzvah. The Bat Mitzvah had her partying at Maggiano's last Saturday until midnight, claiming to have the song Hava Nagila stuck in her head, and contemplating the beauty of all the religions of the world!
Talk about multi-tasking!
Tomorrow she heads out of town again to attend an overnight birthday party at a water park.
I can totally understand why she is invited all over the place; I am biased, but honestly, she is a total delight to be around! Just looking at her makes me feel excited about all the freedoms she is earning. Selfishly, I miss her a little now and then, but I couldn't imagine holding onto her so tightly she'd miss out on these exciting new adventures.
Thank goodness she was able to spend some time at home today...even the elusive Jordan seemed keen on having her around.
I can totally relate to that feeling; I have been known to sneak an extra kiss while Emma sleeps.


Anonymous said...

Claiming? Hava Nagila has been stuck in my head since the first Bar Mitzvah I attended, in 1978.

Anonymous said...

a beautiful tribute to my budding teenage Emma Grace. Do I see evidence of the new bedroom decor and is purple and lavender the color of choice ? Love to almost thirteen and
peripatetic Ms Emma with love from
Nonna Nancywy

Nubia said...

Jordan looks super cozy....he's all laid out. Emma must be a great pillow!

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