Friday, February 5, 2010

The mind of boys.

While hanging out one evening Finn overheard a woman on a television show say, "When you marry a man you marry his junk."
Finn's head popped up and he asked, "Is that true? Does a woman really marry a man's junk?"
This question seemed fairly innocuous save for the accompanying gesture. Finn often complains when he accidentally he gets "hit in the junk" during soccer or recess; I am sure you can imagine the gesture now. Suddenly the idea of marrying a man's junk took on an entirely different meaning.
I stifled a laugh and said, "Yes, in a manner of speaking Finn, a woman does, in fact, marry a man for his junk."

Fresh on the heels of this conversation Finn was discussing the fact he finds Angelina Jolie attractive. He went on to say, "You know I think Papa and me have the same taste in women. Papa says he likes Angelina for her "personality," but really I think that just means he likes her for her jiggling watermelons."
Ummm...excuse me? Melons?
I asked my dad if he cared to comment on Finn's insights and he responded, "I may have been misquoted, but he does have good taste in tomb raiders, I mean heavily armed, I mean..... well you know. "
What I do know is the men in my family sure do make for some pretty funny moments!

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Nubia said...

Speechless....well, really because I can't stop laughing! Love it!

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