Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Man & Woman's Room

I have had a concern about my marriage for quite sometime now.
Leif has pretty much stopped using the bathroom off our bedroom.
He doesn't even keep a toothbrush up there anymore.
He opts instead to use the downstairs bathroom for all of his hygiene needs and let me be clear, this is a room that has been overtaken by our children.
This kind of drives me crazy.
I finally asked him about it while we were snuggled up in bed.

Mel: I think our marriage is falling apart.
Leif: What?
Mel: We are practically leading separate lives.
Leif: How so?
Mel: You don't use our bathroom anymore. I half expect to find a mattress in the bathtub downstairs so you can start sleeping in there.

After he stopped laughing he explained that his bathroom behavior had nothing to do with me and everything to do with product placement.

The Listerine is downstairs.
The Eucerin is downstairs.
His face soap is down stairs.

Well today he found this waiting for him...
I included a note that reads:

This is your OFFICIAL welcome back to our bathroom kit!!
I hope you'll find everything you need to feel comfortable in this room once again.
I have included Band-Aids in case of injuries caused by your re-entry.
Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy countless hours of mindless banter in this tiny little room as a result of this sundry purchase. I am looking forward to spitting in unison!

When I indicated I had left a gift for him upstairs it took Leif a while to find it because, ironically, it didn't occur to him to look for it in the bathroom.
Looks like I addressed this just in the nick of time...phew!


Mb said...

Nice job! Leif is a lucky lucky guy.

Angela said...

That's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up, Schmelz. You absolutely crack me up!

Nubia said...

You two are too funny! I chuckled quite a bit as I read this.

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