Thursday, February 25, 2010


Tonight was one of those crazy homework nights.
Emma had an assignment for Social Studies that opened up a big can of worms.
She had to answer the question: Is America a democracy?
Needless to say we prodded her into thinking beyond the obvious yes and she eventually decided we have are living in democratic republic. She was a typing machine!
Meanwhile, Finn was finishing up a big project on Tennessee, putting the finishing touches on his art sketches, and mastering fractions.
Everyone was spread out all over the house exclaiming things like, "The tulip poplar is the state tree of Tennessee!" and "John Adams thought all democracies were destined to fail!" and I was overseeing the whole thing while pinned in a corner folding laundry.

Little Laundry Lu had to bury her head in the clean clothes just to block out all the chaos!
I think every student in this house went to bed a little smarter than when they woke up.

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