Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Working Girls

Today was unofficially take your neighbor to work day and
there was nothing like seeing these two hot working mamas, Ang and Kari, in their natural habitat! I was visiting their office for a meeting with their boss about an upcoming event and my presence pretty much derailed all of their productivity for the length of my stay. I, however, was extremely productive during my visit and managed to form a new food centric book club with them, tell a funny story, and dabble in a little match making; I even did it all without resting in a cubicle once!
I feel exhausted and over worked.
Seriously, I think these lovelies would make for some pretty amazing co-workers!
If I had a desk job I love to find them sitting on either side of me...but I have a thing about desks so we'll have to settle for a dining room table.


Angela said...

I'm not sure I would call the cube my natural habitat, BUT it was great having you there today. Would you mind swinging by every morning? It was a very welcome distraction. In fact, it was the only break we took all day. And you are right - Kari is lovely co-worker to have.

kswen said...

Aw shucks. Ang, you're a great co-worker too! Mel, It was so nice having you here yesterday ... You'll have to stop by more often!

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