Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mouse Fingers

Leif and I stole one last kiss under the mistletoe and it was officially time to say good bye to Christmas. We all have our chores when it comes to taking down our holiday adornments...I focus on the tree and indoor displays, Leif works on the exterior, and the kids relay nutcrackers, snowmen, and santas to their appointed storage locations.
Just like I have to kiss Annie Angel when I take her off the tree, Finn must locate all of his mice on the tree before holiday can officially come to a close.
His grandma has given him a mouse ornament each year for Christmas since he was born and Finn just loves them. He has to string them all on his fingers and say a quick goodbye before wrapping them up and carefully putting them away until next year.
We all have our little traditions!

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Mb said...

I love those kind of traditions!!

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