Thursday, January 14, 2010


Some people joke that housewives
sit around the house eating bon bons all day.
Anyone who has experienced the "stay at home" way of life can tell you that quite the contrary is true and often involves a toilet brush.
And after enough stain removal, floor scrubbing, dinner cooking and carpool driving it comes time to take a mental heath day.
Today I ate bon bons so to speak.
My foodie friend, Tee, came over with
an array of cheeses and fruit.
We ate baked brie and dark chocolate.
We talked about nothing and everything.
We watched, What's Cooking?
We drank a tid-bit of champagne and
promptly downed a pot of coffee
It was our version of a vodka and Red Bull.
It was a cozy afternoon and I felt indulgent.
I'll be back to the toilets tomorrow and looking forward to my next mental health day.

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