Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week-end Musings

Back in the day, a finicky Finn would tell me at every turn "Mama I just can't like that" and when he'd accidentally leave something behind he look at me, slap his forehead and say, "Jeez Mama I guess I gotfor that."
Prior to storming out of the room, an exasperated three year old Emma looked at me one day, threw up her arms and said, "You know Finn, when he is acting like this, I swear he is just a balloonatic!"
As Emma and Finn get older, more intelligent and well spoken by the minute they don't trip up verbally the way they used to. That's why when both of the kids made a couple of comments over the week-end that made me laugh I thought I'd better better write them down before I "gotfor" them.
Mom: Well Finn, even though that movie is rated PG-13, I think you could watch it.
Finn: Really? Cool!
Mom: Sure, I think there may be a little sexy talk in it, but it isn't anything you couldn't handle.
Finn: I could totally handle it Mom, cuz you know, I've seen some things in my day.
Emma: You know Mom, sometimes I really wonder what you do all day.
Mom: Really?
Emma: Yeah, but don't tell me. I like to think that house moms have a secret life all their own.

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Anonymous said...

I can see it now... Coming soon to BRAVO... "The Real House Moms of Oak Park!"

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