Friday, December 11, 2009

Speaking of Hands

Anyone with school aged kids will quickly tell you that mornings are pretty darn hectic.
When you have a nearly teen aged daughter, a husband who wears a full suit everyday, and a fourth grade son who may or may not brush his teeth on a daily basis it can be hell trying to get everyone in order and out the door on time. Cram these same folks into a really tiny house with one minuscule bathroom and well, I think you get the picture.

I do my best to stay out of the way since I can put myself together after the stampede ends and I always seem to derail the swiftly moving train with things like...conversation.
I handle the daily after school rigmarole of carpools and homework and I appreciate that Leif takes the lead on our crazy morning routine. He always has things well in hand.

Speaking of hands...this morning I heard Leif say, "Finn you have exactly two minutes to locate your other black glove or you are wearing this one." "This one" referred to one of Emma's flowered numbers and every nine year old boy's dream accessory. Well he couldn't locate the other black glove so it was flowers for Finn with no further negotiations because it is too cold to go without gloves and besides we are going to be late. You go Leif!
He dropped Finn and his flowered hand off at school and this is what I found when I picked him up...

Yes, my friends that is a sock on the hand of my well cared for son.
I asked the obvious question and Finn responded...

Him: "Look, I tried to get Emma to switch gloves with me in the car, but she refused and I wasn't gonna wear that girly glove so I used one of my socks."
Me: "From your foot?"
Him: "No, from my desk."
Me: "You have socks in your desk at school?"
Him: "Of course."
Me: "Why?"
Him: "Oh you know we have these dry erase boards and we keep a sock in our desk to erase them with. I used that sock."

So Finn had covered his bases; he was wearing two socks on his feet, both his hands were covered, he was wearing a hat, and a warm coat. I am pretty sure his dry erase is being cleared with a flower laden girly glove, but all in all this was a pretty smart act of self preservation in my book!
And all I am left wondering is why Finn cannot grasp the concept of rinsing out the sink or putting away his toothbrush when he finally manages to brush his teeth on those hectic mornings...

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Angela said...

I really don't like mornings -- at all. I'm just saying.... Glad it's not just me. It took me 20 minutes to get us all dressed in our cold-weather gear and out the door this morning. Finn cracks me up. Awesome.

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