Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Recharging Annie.

Last evening brought some snow and a weary traveler to our door.
My cousin Annie was in town for a conference and needed a little family time in the Elsmo vortex. She is currently working toward a double advanced degree and holds a very very full time job with the Indiana Department of Agriculture; down time is pretty scarce for her. She put in her request for beef stew with a side of comfort and I was happy to oblige! We enjoyed a lovely family night and I am hopeful she was able to recharge just a little bit.
This morning Annie and I woke up bright and early to head into the city to check out the Green City Market and their winter offerings. Annie likes to check out markets like this for work and I am happy to be her companion! Everything was lovely including a stunning array of carrots, beets, and a fine assortment of Bennison's Bakery artisan breads and Brunkow cheeses!

Everything was sold with a personal touch and the more I talked to the farmers the more I wanted to purchase! I was very taken by the sweet flavor of these tomato preserves from Brooklyn, WI and I just couldn't pass up these perfect organic maple bacon doughnuts for the kids! I was also lured into buying a couple of stunning black radishes...I guess you can eat them like apples!

All around this was an incredible way to spend my morning!

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Mb said...

I love it! Tell me how the beets are.

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