Friday, December 18, 2009

Love, Death, & Trains

This evening three of the Elsmo Four headed out take in a little folk music at the Buzz Cafe.
Needless to say it was jam packed with Ella Gill supporters; I have never seen the Buzz that full!
Ella is one talented young lady and her lilting humble voice has a quirkiness that cannot be faked. She sings with a combined innocence and unmistakable maturity. She is steeped in authentic folk music tradition and after treating us to some Dylan, Baez, and Donavan, Ella succumbed to the season and sang a version of The Christmas Song that literally brought a tear to my eye.
Next time she has a gig I'll be sure to attend and so should you!
After the memorable show we headed over to enjoy some wine and desserts with the star of the show and her family.
It was an evening full of holiday spirit!
Thanks Gills...seriously.

1 comment:

Mary said...

is that a friends kid? Sounds familiar to me. I haven't been to the buzz since TJ and Emma were tots

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