Sunday, December 6, 2009


I love spontaneity and this evening we had our fair share!
Emma and her fiend Belle cooked up a plan to pit our families against each other in a Chopped style food battle and we were all in!
Each team selected three ingredients for their opponents and the throw down was on!
The Battle

Team G:
Canned Dolmades
Earl Gray Tea

Team E:
Honey Nut Cheerios
Pure Vanilla Extract

Of late, every time I am tasked with cooking something it seems I am given a can of sauerkraut.
Don't believe me? Read here and here.
Needless to say we were prepared for the battle!
The resulting dishes surprised us all!
Both were quite good...

Team G:
Parsley Tied Re-Stuffed Tea and Pomegranate Infused Dolmades with Lemon Mint and Clementine with an Earl Gray, Honey and Pomegranate Cocktail.

Team E:
Honey Nut Cheerio Crusted Vanilla Scented Sauerkraut Balls with Sage Sauteed Apples, Sour cream and Belle's Homemade Apple Butter.

I think it all ended up in a tie!
Just when we thought things couldn't get any more culinary our gracious hosts produced an amazing meal of chevapchichi (traditional Serbian forcemeat sausages), grilled shrimp with pepper and onions, rice, and salad for our family.
It was an unexpectedly perfect night!
Thanks. Seriously.

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