Monday, November 16, 2009

Soft Serve Cheese

According to Mangia Bene Pasta, "Ricotta Salata is a sheep's milk ricotta to which salt has been added as a preservative.
The liquid is pressed out and the solids are compacted into rounds,
enabling it to be cut with a knife. It's texture is crumbly but firm.
Ricotta salata can also be air cured or dried in an oven to render a sharp-tasting
cheese reminiscent of the flavor of romano. It is a milky-white hard cheese used
for grating or shaving. Ricotta salata is sold in wheels and decorated with
a delicate basket-weave pattern."
When the cheese is smoked in an oven it is called Ricotta Affumicata and it is one of my favorite cheeses.
Tonight I served this lovely Ricotta Affumicata with our dinner.
I always love serving the kids something a little unexpected with their dinner and wait for their reaction. Emma made the comment that the cheese tasted like vanilla.
I disagreed.
Leif chimed in, " Oh I see what you mean, Emma. It doesn't taste like real vanilla; it tastes like vanilla soft serve."
"Yeah Mel, if you just open your mind you'll taste it."
Was my husband really suggesting that I should logically taste processed ice cream in a fine cheese?
He sure was.
I didn't know artisan cheese makers are a mere heart beat away from the Dairy Queen.
Clearly, I have a family that could break the heart of a hard working cheese monger in an instant!
And no, I did not taste the soft serve at all.

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