Monday, November 2, 2009


Silence was in my house today.
After more than two weeks with a sick kid at home both Emma and Finn returned to school today.
Neither one of them is any trouble really, but we live in a tiny house and sneaking a moment to myself was next to impossible.
After a two week constant chorus of sniffling, hacking, and moaning with Spongebob playing in the back ground I was pretty much done with it all.
I chicken souped, kleenexed, and Vapo rubbed to the best of my ability,
but before I knew it I was silently crying out, oh please gods of Nickelodeon, stop airing the Halloween episode of ICarly...I can't take it anymore.
Today I scrubbed the kitchen floor, paid the bills, took down the Halloween decorations, and generally recharged in the quiet of our house...I was in a great mood when I picked the kids up this afternoon.
It feels like we've all weathered a storm.

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md said...

Oatmeal Kisses?

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