Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Big Apple.

Most folks know I love the odd little trinkets around my house because they reflect my family history. This Hull Pottery Big Apple Cookie Jar is no exception. I can't look at it without picturing my Grandma's kitchen. Even though her counter tops were littered with antique potato mashers, wrought iron trivets, and speckled crockery bowls, this cookie jar is the one item I associated with her kitchen. Just looking at it I can remember rolling out my first pie crust, hiding dirty breakfast dishes under the sink so we could get out the door faster, and the view of her garden from kitchen window.
These cookie jars were first made in the late 1940's and according to the tape my grandma placed on the bottom of the jar it first belonged to my great grandparents. They purchased it for about $3 on Dousman St. After spending many years in my grandma's kitchen, today the Big Apple rests on my counter, not because I think it is the prettiest thing I've ever seen, but because of this picture...

...that is my mom making a sandwich in my grandma's kitchen. See the apple peeking around that humongous jar of mayonnaise? I've had this picture of my mom in my kitchen much longer than I have had the cookie jar. I think the actual piece found it's way to me because I love the idea that a cookie jar can transition through generations. Emma learned to bake her first batch of cookies with it sitting on the counter next to her and she makes her lunches in front of it every day.
Maybe someday her children will do the same.

Here is just one more reason I love my treasures...I have been thinking about this cookie jar for several hours now and something about the time line didn't work for me. I couldn't figure out how it could be possible for my great grandparents to buy their first cookie jar in the late 1940's and have it end up in my grandma's house by 1958 as the picture of my mom indicates.
I checked in with my mom and the Big Apple was in fact my grandparents first cookie jar and the note my grandma put on the bottom of the jar was written with the intention my mom would be the reader.

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Mb said...

I am glad you straightened that out! Another wonderful short story by Mel. I love them all.

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