Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Being the Wife.

In an effort to embrace my role as a corporate wife, I headed out to a business dinner with Leif last night. Just prior to our departure Finn looked me up and down and commented, "Mom you sure do look pretty, but what business are you representing exactly?"
I thought I was dressed nicely to represent the business of getting through a gin and tonic, a big leaf salad with a predictably shocking pink raspberry vinaigrette, an odd whip of potato, and a good half dozen speakers. Normally these functions, like the chicken served at them, are dry and this event wasn't an exception in that regard, however, the company...oh the company...broke all rules. I realized quickly I wasn't dressed to get through an evening, I was dressed to represent the business of meeting some fabulous folks! Let me be as basic as possible...I will happily embrace my role as a corporate wife if Leif continues to work with such delightful people!
I enjoyed my time with them tremendously and look forward to doing it again soon without 46 awards presented in the middle of it. We can just skip straight to the night cap, laughter, and the impressions of Leif at work!

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Nubia Chaidez said...

awww...our picture is too cute! We had a fantastic time last night too. I've shared your other blog via facebook - so get ready for some submissions :)

Can't wait to spend another evening together --- the laughter alone will fill me up!

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