Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All Sewn Up

I embrace two personal design philosophies...

If it isn't hanging on my wall it didn't happen.
Everything in a house should have a story behind it

The natural downside to this decor approach is ending up with a lot of memory linked stuff and severely limited wall space for display purposes. Needless to say I have had to expand my philosophy to include shelves, cabinets, and the floor; the result is a thoughtful cacophony of colorful memories.One of my favorite floor pieces in my house sits quietly in a corner of our front hall.
My mother was an only child and both she and my father grew up in Green Bay, WI. My parents met in high school and their parents became quite close friends over the years. As a child I never knew that families "took turns" on holidays because I always had both sets of grandparents around for almost all holidays; I only learned later in life what a rarity that was.
My Grandma Schmelzer passed away while I was in high school and my Grandma Reisinger took just one thing from her house to remember her friend Virginia by...this wooden sewing box. I have no idea why my Grandma Reisinger picked this particular item, but it is filled with buttons, doilies, various threads, and oddly enough a copy of my wedding program.
For me this little sewing box is a treasure.
It is a lovely reminder of the friendship between Virginia and Dorothy, my two grandmas, and the seamless ties that bound the fabric of two families together for generations.
Philosophically that works for me.


Mary said...

very cute, I love all the stuff in your house

Tee said...

My mom has one of these too! It was my great-grandma's and looks almost exactly the same. I'd forgotten about it til I read your blog.

Mary said...

I added it back in (my blog) tell me what you think

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