Friday, October 30, 2009

Real Life Scary

Its no secret we've been battling some illness around here for the past two weeks. Finn had it and got over it, I had it and got over it, Emma got it and didn't get over it. I suspected we'd been dealing with THAT dreaded flu, but we seemed to be managing our way through it. This week, however, after five days of fever Emma just wasn't getting any better. In fact she took a turn for the worse last night that really scared us. Today I took her in to see the doctor and it turns our she has the flu with a secondary bacterial infection and they hooked her up with this comically large bottle of antibiotics...I swear there has to be four full cups of medicine in that bottle. Despite the fact her Halloween plans are in the toilet, I have this crazy urge to dress Emma in tattered rags, wrap up those meds in a paper bag, and let her nap on our front porch during trick-o-treat...she could really terrify some kids dressed as a slumped over homeless alcoholic!
Alas, I will resist the urge, but the thought is funny and you can see I improvised just a little to amuse myself. Hey, I've been trapped in the house with sick kids for two weeks...believe me you do what ya gotta do to entertain yourself!
Sooo....about dear Emma...we will tuck her in, snuggle her up, and give her a swig from her big bottle twice a day until she is back on track. Seriously, we are keeping a very close eye on her; if she is not better by Monday she's going right back to the doctor.


Mary said...

i hope he gets better soon

Mary said...


Tee said...

Get better soon Emma! And Mel, please let us know if there's anything you need.

md said...

We hope you are back to your old self soon, Emma.

Love you,

Granma and Papa

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