Friday, October 23, 2009

Manna in the Hood.

The loaf of bread pictured above is one shining reason I love my community.
My neighbor baked it for my family.
Now ask me if I know this neighbor at all.
No, I do not.
I had my first and very brief conversation with her a couple of weeks ago. During the exchange she told me that she bakes challah every Thursday for her family and I mentioned how much I love fresh challah bread...simple but true pleasantries.
The next time I saw her she dropped of a loaf of her bread for the teacher's lunch. She slipped me a second loaf with a note that said, "Enjoy this with your family, Melissa."
How cool is that?
So tonight I made a batch of of my favorite chicken soup to go with my special loaf of bread. While I was putting the finishing touches on our dinner the phone rang. It was my next door neighbor and she was sounding quite under the weather.
I ripped off a piece of the challah and ladled a steaming portion of soup into a bowl and Leif walked it next door to Eileen.
We all enjoyed our meal...especially our loaf of delicious neighborhood bread.

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Mb said...

This literally brought a tear to my eye.

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