Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yesterday my friend Aim took me to the the Luxe Home open house at the Merchandise Mart in the city. Our day started with a breakfast at The Chopping Block and a lighthearted and informative discussion about the elements of Green Design lead by Nicole Facciuto, host of HG TV's Red Hot and Green and before I knew it we were drinking champagne in the Kohler Showroom! We toured showroom after showroom filled with stunning tile, kitchen's, baths, and door knobs. Each time I walked into a new high end kitchen vignette I found myself playing house...a few were so opulent I felt physically ill, a few were not my taste, but so well designed that I could picture myself using them if my circumstances were entirely different, and then I found the kitchen that is my "little black dress." It was unexpectedly perfect; I could instantly see the Mel of today and the the Mel of the future cooking in this kitchen....

I was stunned that the Ernestomeda Elektra kitchen made me feel so comfortable, as I always fancied myself as a cozy kitchen kind of girl, but the streamlined design and flawless stainless sink and counter top opened my eyes in a new way. Okay, the cutting board slides over the three compartment sink and as much as I thought it would slip around it would not. I searched and searched, but couldn't find a groove or a crack to trap any kind of kitchen waste. I delighted in simply closing the cabinet doors.
The Ernestomeda website touts this particular design as "a modern kitchen organized for the highest degree of efficiency, providing ease and manageability for the serious cook."
I had such a good time and I promise if I ever have the opportunity to re-design my kitchen I will take some inspiration from my friend Aim and all the amazing things I saw at the Luxe Home Show!

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Mb said...

What a fun day. Don't you love it when things like this come at you with such surprise?

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