Monday, October 12, 2009

Denial in Raytown.

The Bomb Squad gathered and behaved like the distinguished gentlemen they were raised to be.
Each of them may have enjoyed a puff of a pipe and savored a single malt or two, but never wavered from the decorum that has been synonymous with the bomb squad since its inception.
I am sure these pillars of the community did nothing more than sit in leather club chairs discussing classic literature and politics all night long. If Leif happened to be more than a little green around the gills on Sunday morning (read pathetic) I am sure it was just a fluke. Let me put it this way...he blamed the Infusinos pizza he ate for dinner for his 3:30am turn for the worse. I think the Bomb Squad practices the decorum of denial and they do it really really well. Hope you are all on the mend boys!

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