Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back in Time

Break out the Flock of Seagulls folks, The Bomb Squad is on the move. This is what looks like when a couple of almost forty somethings take a little trip back in time.
I have mentioned Leif and B go back about as far as pre-school, but I have failed to mention that one of Leif's closest groups of friends to this day are his grade school soccer buddies. Their bonds were strong through high school, survived some unfortunate hair crimping and bolo ties, and grew even stronger as they made their way into adulthood. Now they are a happy band of artists and professionals and husbands and dads...pretty incredible if you ask me.
This evening the entire group (including one very new dad) is getting together in Racine to celebrate a 4oth birthday and yes, they are sleeping in a friend's parents' basement just like the old days. Hopefully they'll get in less trouble tonight than they did back then, but I suspect the biggest problem they'll face is trying to get off the floor in the morning!
I think they'll have an amazing time!
Happy birthday Scoob!

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Mary said...

How fun! Tim has had the same friends since 3 rd grade. Me not so much....I went to 3 grammar schools and 2 high schools. My oldest friend is Erin 31 years. I love the sleep on the floor, I bet they will have a ball!
Thanks for listening to me rant yesterday, I did feel better after. The day improved with TJ getting a call back for a Walmart commercial that was today and being able to walk into it w/o pain

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