Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wait Wait...

It really doesn't feel like a Saturday morning to me if I don't listen to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me on NPR. I am usually cooking or cleaning while I listen to the "oddly informative news quiz" and for that hour time passes quickly and with much laughter. Emma and Finn gave me tickets to see a taping of the show for Mother's Day and tonight Leif and I headed down to the Chase Auditorium Theater to take in the sights behind the sounds.

All I can say is this was one great gift and the cast does not disappoint! Of course the host and Oak Parker, Peter Sagal is just hilarious; his quick wit and healthy banter makes the show. Announcer Carl Kasell was "gone fishin'" and replaced by the capable Corey Flintoff. The panel rotates and tonight featured Roy Blount Jr., Amy Dickinson, and my favorite Iron Chef judge, Mo Rocca. Roy has impeccable timing, Amy is animated, and Mo...well he is just too funny for words. The crew taped the show in about two hours and we were honestly belly laughing at every turn. The crew seemed very excited about their call in guest, pro surfer Kelly Slater and although he talked a big game...let's just say he didn't pull out a win during his section of the quiz called "Not My Job". In a week when health care, Kanye West, Serena Williams, and urine in space were top news stories you know there had to be funny moments on the horizon!

Even though there were 500 people in the theater the entire evening felt very intimate...personally I just loved holding Leif's hand!
In Chicago, the show will air on NPR this Saturday at 10am...I am anxious to see how it is edited.
Thanks Emma and Finn...I had a great time!

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