Monday, September 28, 2009

A Spatula on the Ceiling.

My friend A of the Pfour invited P of The Frigs and me out for a glass of wine yesterday afternoon. Since our friend P is heading back to work after her maternity leave and I just celebrated a birthday, A thought we deserved a quick week-end outing. I had planned a nice Sunday dinner and threw a stuffed chicken in the oven before I walked out the door. A, P, and I chatted and laughed and sipped; we decided there is simply no excuse for not doing something like that more often. Our conversation turned to the blog to book I just finished and A suggested P swing by to see it. They threatened to eat my chicken and walked me home.
I opened the front door and the only thought in my head was...
There is a spatula on the ceiling.
I turned my head and saw a giant home-made happy birthday sign and suddenly a large group of kids jumped out from behind the furniture and shouted, "Surprise!"
My next thoughts were,
Whose Birthday is it? Do I have a kid with me? Oh, wait this must be for me!
I suddenly realized a large number of my closet adult friends were gathered in the dining room around the corner and this was, in fact, a legitimate and well-planned party. This was a full on event in my house and here is the thing...I had NO IDEA it was going to happen.
Stunned...I was stunned.
And there were tongs hanging from the door knob and ladles dangling from the mantel.

Once I recovered from my shock I learned who was behind all this madness...

...Emma and a trio of her closet friends.
Not only did these four, contact A to execute the rouse, but planned the party, invited the guests, cooked the food, and decorated the house...they also dressed like French waiters (complete with aprons pencil drawn curly mustaches) and served all the guests at the party. Jbcoolcat has quite a way with the camera and served as official photographer.
Despite the fact the original party plans included a trio of soups, several entrees, and garlic mashed potatoes, the girls cooked up a memorable menu including, skewered pesto tortellini, popcorn, assorted cheeses, artichoke dip, fresh fruit, nuts, home-made caramel apples, and a Reine de Saba cake (Bell you are quite the young baker!).

Throughout the evening the guests were pulling out their blackberries and sharing the emails Emma had sent them over the course of the week...they all went something like this:

Hey guys,
okay so this is a big surprise to my mom... me and my friends are throwing a surprise for my mom. we have her out of the house from 4 to 6. if you can come please be at the Elsmo's house at 5:30, DO NOT R.S.V.P. by phone!!!!!!! e-mail me back.
SHHHHHHHHHHH... it's a surprise!

Upon receiving these emails most, if not all, guests contacted Leif
to make sure he was in the loop! Experience has taught them checking in is a good thing.
I love my friends and thankfully, both Leif and Finn were in the loop. How they kept Finn quiet is beyond me! is the deal.
My daughter and her friends threw me a birthday party...a party planned down to the last thoughtful detail, including a tiny chef's hat for Thad's Boat.
How many parents can claim that?
As a mom, you work tirelessly to raise a child who is among other things, appreciative, creative, confident, and loving.
As that child grows up and becomes more and more independent everyday, a mom hopes their child will find friends that are of similar ilk.
This party served as confirmation that not only is my daughter incredibly admirable person, but her friends are too. I am at once proud and humbled.

CatK, Bell, Jbcoolcat, and my beautiful Emma,
There are not enough words to express how happy you made me last night. It was the best birthday party I never knew I wanted or deserved.
I count the result of your efforts among the best compliments of my life and I am not sure how to thank you.

If you girls know what I can do with a whole leftover chicken I'll take any recipes you offer!


Angela said...

Gosh, that was fun! You have an amazing family.

Mary said...

that gave me chills, you should be very proud. I'll take the left over chicken

Penny said...

I was thrilled to be part of your surprise!!! You and Leif have created an adorable and loving family. We could learn a lot from you guys. Enjoy the bird!

Emma (and the girls), you rock!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad our whole plan worked out! It was a really fun night! -Juliette :)

Mb said...

You are the best in all that you do!

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