Sunday, September 6, 2009


...not because C of the Pfour crashed out on the couch...

...and not because of this one little beef and curry dumpling
waiting as a taste test surprise for B...

...but because we've been keeping a secret!
The stage was set and were were ready to welcome A of the Pfour to her surprise birthday celebration last night!

"The lovely Ali and Heather waiting for the big surprise"
"leif fitting right in with the beautiful people"
Friends came from near and far to celebrate this lovely woman and she was legitimately and completely surprised!
Once A adjusted to being the center of attention we all enjoyed a meal
I called "Good Fortune at Forty."

The truth is I cannot think of a friend more deserving of a party than A. She is tirelessly devoted to her family, hardworking beyond belief, and still finds time to nurture her creative side. A keeps her life in balance better than most I know and her humility keeps her from admitting that. She has said on many occasions that she is uncomfortable being the center of attention, but she needed to know that all of her friends think she needs and deserves to be celebrated on a regular basis!
Cheers to being fabulous at forty!


Angela said...

That was seriously one of the nicest things anyone has ever said. Thank you. And thank you for the amazing, unforgettable evening. You outdid yourself again, I just want to pinch myself -- I'm such a lucky person.

Mb said...

I don't even know A and I got tears in my eyes reading this one. You are the best!!!`

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