Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Magic Number Day

A day like today won't come around again for nearly a century; look forward to 01- 01-2101!
While there isn't anything officially significant about today's date
you have to admit it is pretty cool.

The number nine on its own is even a little magical...
September 9th is the 252nd day of the year...2+5+2=9!
9x2=18 and 1+8=9
128x9=1152 and 1+1+5+2=9
54729x9=49256 and 4+9+2+5+6=27 and 2+7=9

Enjoy the day and do something special at 9pm on 9/9/09!


Mary said...

unless you turn it upside down and get 666 which is the sign of the devil. Just kidding couldn't resist

Anonymous said...

As the Germans say, "nein." :)

Lynda said...

The day was not lost on the Shad4--Jake's 15th birthday. We made huge signs with 09/09/09 to decorate the house and the cake! Ten years ago it was 9/9/99, his fifth birthday, and we did the same thing. Saw on the news that a baby was delivered at 9:09 that day. Coolness.

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