Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Good, the Insane, and the Cute.

We refer to our dogs as Java the Good and Lucy the Insane.
As unfair and limiting as these labels may seem, they have held true for the most part.
Sure, Java the Good has perfected her "my life sucks" grimace better than most dogs, but the overall effect is a failure because she accessorizes this look with her constantly waging tail. She is obedient beyond comprehension and rarely wavers in her perfection. In fact, Lucy the Insane has taught our rule-bound Java to loosen up a bit and she'll even sneak onto the couches now and beg for table food like a normal dog. Java the Good has taught Lucy the Insane to love and trust the people in her life and to do her business out side (most of the time). Beyond that I thought that, like Leif, Java merely tolerated Lucy's presence in her world. I assumed their relationship was based solely on proximity and had nothing to do with affection.
I assumed wrong.
Last night the wedge of very expensive parmiggiano-reggiano went missing from the kitchen counter. It is true that Lucy has an oddly refined palate considering she spent the better part of her young life in a state of neglect. She loves a sip of a high-end micro brew and knob of nutty aged cheese just like any other foodie, but how, HOW would she get that cheese? Java the Good retrieved it for her of course...and that is how we came to find Java looking ashamed in her bed and Lucy sitting in the dark inhaling a block $20/pound cheese in Emma's room last night.
The inkling of a newly forming bond perhaps?
look at how I found these two criminals when I finished getting dressed this morning...
I foresee trouble.


Tee said...

So, gingerbread isn't the only thing Java can take off the counter!

Mb said...

Too funny!

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