Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bboots Crew

Last night my friend Bboots and her lovely family joined us for a casual family dinner on the deck. Our friends don't live extraordinarily close by and it is always a treat when we get the chance to hang out. I cooked up a batch of Cincinnati 5-way chili and decided this is pretty much the perfect meal to cook when there are picky eaters in the crowd.

The chili itself has a unique flavor profile featuring cinnamon, chocolate, and allspice and is traditionally served over spaghetti for a classic 2-way. To make the chili an official 5-way you top it all off with cheese, kidney beans, and onions. Accompaniments include hot sauce, oyster crackers, and mini hot dogs in buns. A fun build your own meal!

Emma and Finn have known kids in the Bboots crew for nearly four years and they were both excited to have their friends over for the evening. JBcoolcat also stopped by to hang out with her ballet buddies.

We sat on the deck long enough for the twinkle lights to sparkle in the dark and we laughed and chatted the evening away. Although our guests didn't stay until the candles burned out they stayed a bit longer than they had intended and we were very glad they did!
Thanks for fine evening!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me over! It was fun seeing Sarah!
-Juliette :)

Mary said...

It looks like Emma is feeling better

Mb said...

Your pictures are better than mine. We had a fabulous time and loved every minute of it. Thank you!!!

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