Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mint Condition

From the late 1920's through the early 1940's pieces of cheaply made poor quality glass were often given out as prizes in laundry detergent and cereal. Pieces were commonly given out free with the purchase of a movie ticket or sold for as little as a nickle per piece; buy a loaf of bread and a sorbet dish for a dime! The glass pieces had little value at the time, but lifted the spirits of penny pinching housewives of the era because of their vibrant colors and unique patterns. Over the years Depression Glass has become highly collectible and the little piece above is one of my favorites in my limited collection. My grandma discovered the piece while we were antiquing together when I was in high school She immediately fell in love with the shape of the dish and paid more for it that she had planned to, but she was just delighted to bring it home to add it to her extensive Depression Glass collection. Exhausted from our outing, we pulled into my grandma's garage and began unpacking the car. My grandma carried her sugar bowl treasure across the garage floor and crash...she dropped it. She loved it enough that we spent the afternoon taping it back together and, despite its less than mint condition, we perched it proudly on the shelf in her den. It sat there for years.

When I had the chance to select a few treasures from my grandma's house a few years ago this broken sugar bowl was at the top of my list.
I guess Mint Condition means different things to different people.

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