Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Letter From Emma

Needless to say, this made my entire day!

Dear Mom, Dad, and Finn,

I miss you all sooo much! I am having soooo much fun! I got in level A with Z, F, and S. I feel bad, but C is in the level below us. Our counselor Jessie is AWESOME! But back to dance. We have this class where we do lots of push-ups and sit-ups. That's warm-up class with Cory. He is really cool and funny. At Ballet on Thursday we had this teacher who was way nice and she was pregnant! Then on Friday we had Cory again. And at pointe on Friday we had partnering where I accidentally went on pointe on this kid's foot. Then he accidentally kicked me so he said we were even. Then Cory was like "You, come here." And said, "Boys, this is how you will soon lift a girl." And he had me susu, plie, jump and he lifted me over his shoulder! I was bright red because I was UPSIDE-DOWN! Then we also learned the "Waltz of the Hours" and I am hour 1. I am the shortest in the class, and third shortest in all of level A & B. Now we are learning a tango thing. In Modern the teacher Ms. Judy is soooo strict, but she is really cool! I am sooo sore in my abs and hamstrings. And in pointe my toenail fell off a little so it is all cut up.

On Thursday I went and took the swim test. But no prob. I totally passed! Then we played campfire games and roasted smores. And on Friday we went to a band concert with all the teachers.

But enough about me, how are you guys? Are Java and Lucy okay? How is your party coming along? I REALLY miss you guys! Like I miss having to feed the pets. And mom, I miss your cooking. We eat hot lunch 3 times a day!!

I made a lot of new friends! There are 12 people in our cabin. I hang out with Sammy, Catherine, Christina, Miranda, and Laura. There are 2 Catherines and 2 Christinas. Also at dance I met Michael and Ally and lots of other people. I love you lots.


PS We saw an opera today. I don't think I like operas. I miss you guys. Sorry about the wait for the letter. LOVE YA!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Mb said...

She is precious!

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