Saturday, August 1, 2009

In the Wings

Emma closed out the summer MOMENTA shows this evening and watched her first piece of choreography for what she thought was the last time. She and her friend worked extremely hard putting it together and I am sure parting with it visually was a challenge for her. One of the beautiful things about the Young Choreographers Showcase is the pieces are all up for a remount in the fall. The school director selects a few of the strongest offerings and they are performed again. Having the opportunity to create a piece is an honor, but having a work selected for a remount is a special validation for these young kids. Emma and her fellow choreographer were informed this evening they would not be allowed to gift the masks to the dancers in their cast as originally planed because they would need to be reused in the fall...ahh..success. We are very proud of her.
She performed in five pieces this evening and her favorite by far was Cora D. Mitchell's piece to Prince's, Let's Go Crazy. Cora is a talented Choreographer, outstanding teacher and an even better dancer. She brings out the best in Emma in many ways. Tonight Cora passed out thank you gifts to the cast of her piece and everyone was pleased to received notebooks and raspberry soap...everyone except Emma....

Emma tends to wound herself in interesting ways in her Modern classes; she always seems to come out bleeding! Even this evening she came out of the show with a strange long scratch from her armpit to her shoulder...apparently she was too close to someone with a hanger in their hands. Starting in the fall Emma will tackle Cora's tough Intermediate III modern least Cora has her prepared. They shared a pretty good laugh!

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cora said...

awww that's so sweet! I'm really glad to hear she loved my piece! The girls made me very happy, even though I wasn't feeling my best (bronchial infection)......they made me forget about it and put the biggest smile on my face!!!
Glad she enjoyed her 1st aid kit! I have a few of them myself around here at home. I believe in giving gifts that people can actually use!! love this blog! thanks for the link. I'll post you mine as well.


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