Thursday, August 13, 2009

Drop Off

For a span of about two hours yesterday each of the Elsmo Four were in their own states...Leif stayed in Illinois to work, Finn was safely with Grandma and Papa in Wisconsin, I was driving through Indiana, and Emma was finding her way around camp in Michigan.
Emma and I made our way to Covert, Michigan (near South Haven) for a stop over at a cottage owned by some family friends. The setting was divine!

The girls were able to swim among some pretty huge Lake Michigan swells and back at the cottage it felt like being trapped in a giant tree house. Stunning. We enjoyed a lovely dinner and conversation before heading to bed.

Bright and early the next morning we piled the girls in the car with two weeks worth of sunscreen and leotards and drove them to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. Emma earned a scholarship to attend the two week camp session held on a 1,300 acre campus in Manistee National Forest. Emma has never been away from home for this long and certainly not without a parent, but she seemed ready for this experience! Once we arrived at the camp any fears I had about leaving her dwindled in an instant. The cabins are about as bare bones as they come and house 10 girls and a counselor. Emma is staying in the Peerce Cabin below and her counselor Jessie is doing her post graduate work in vocal performance at the University of Kansas.

Once we had the girls settled in the cabin they threw on their leotards, swept their hair into buns and made the short, but beautiful walk to the dance studios on campus for their placement audition.

Below is my last fuzzy image of Emma before I see her again on August 23rd!
She seems like she is going to have an amazing time.

I think I had better find a distraction for the next couple of days!

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Mb said...

how exciting!! she is going to have a such a good time...we miss you guys.

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