Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dinner Scene

The following is an excerpt from real life.

As the lights come up, the Elsmo family, is enjoying a family dinner. Emma is excited about her day at school and an upcoming invention fair she can participate in...

Emma: "So you guys, I'm really gonna need your help coming up with an idea! The fair is in May so we have some time, but are there any things around the house you'd like an invention to help with?"

Mom and Dad (in unison): "What about doing something with all the plastic grocery bags people end up with?"

Mom: "What about a home grocery inventory machine?"

Emma: "What about a plate that flies to the table. I could build a microchip and put it in a plate from Prodigy Glassworks."

Dad: "Something with cell phones could be good."

Finn: "Oh yeah, you could do something with computer horses."

Mom: "Do you mean viruses?"

Finn: "No. I think it is an animal name."

Mom: "Worm?"

Finn: "No. That's not it."

Mom: "Do you mean a Trojan?"

Finn: "Oh I remember, it is a pink donkey!"

Mom: "A pink donkey?"

Finn: "Yep."

Dad and Emma: "What?"

Finn: "A pink donkey that walks across the pages you have on your computer and makes them sick."

Mom, Dad, and Emma: "Huh?"

Finn: Oh wait, that was a picture I saw in a book. Never mind.

End Scene.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
I just read your blog.

Could Emma invent something that keeps grandchildren young? For that
matter Grandmas too.

Love MD

Penny said...

Thanks for cracking me up!!

Mary said...

very cute

Tee said...

I'm going to quote what one of Kelsey's friends said about our family since I think it's true of yours as well, "Your family's better than cable!"

Mb said...

Kids are the best!!!

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