Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bringing Ballerina Back

Before anyone becomes concerned...Finn did take his dip in Lake Michigan.
It was 60 degrees and raining, but he took his dip. The water was terribly rough and we would not let him in the water with out a life jacket and a firm grasp on my hand...he came out happy and freezing!

Just after 6am Leif, Finn, and I left the security and comfort of our generous friends' South Haven lake house and drove two hours to swoop Emma up from her two week stay at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.

We met our exuberant knee sock clad uniform wearing camper just outside her cabin; I was never so thrilled to see her...ever. It was immediately clear Emma had made not just one, but several new friends especially Chris the trombone playing cutie.

After saying heartfelt goodbyes to her cabin mates she escorted us to the dance studios.

As far as dance demonstrations are concerned this offering was a real tour de force.
It was instantly apparent these young dancers were working their asses wonder Emma came home with an entirely new set of muscles. She enjoyed six different teachers throughout the two weeks...several were yellers, a couple even swore, a few even physically forced her young limber body into positions it had never been in before. And she loved every minute!

Emma received compliments on her tireless work ethic and ability to take corrections. She was one of the smallest and youngest dancers placed in the most advanced group and held her own...big time. I was most impressed with the Dunham Modern demonstration lead by Emma's favorite instructor, Judy Milner. The style focuses on intensive body isolations and the "flat back series" left me wondering how Emma was able to move after two weeks of study!

Dunham Modern Series from Mel on Vimeo.

After all that crazy dancing and two insane weeks of cafeteria food she needed a burger. Emma commented that the taco meat looked like poop or cat food and promptly decided to dine solely on chick peas, Fruit Loops, and peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Oh we got her the burger and brought her home!


Mary said...

YAY! I got to see Emma dance...totally worth the wait. OMG, my leg and tummy muscle hurt watching. I know she has abs....but I have tummy muscles.
Thanks You

Mb said...

Wow, how impressive. Emma is a dancer through and through. Can't wait to see you.

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