Thursday, July 23, 2009

They can dance.

When I was a child the night The Sound of Music aired on TV was sacred. An evening of music, popcorn, and family....what could be better. We organized our entire day to make sure we were without distraction for those three precious hours. Of course this was before DVR, DVD, and even had to watch it when it was on or you just missed it; out of luck until next year! I thought Emma and Finn were missing out on that special kind of anticipation until Season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance took over our Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
I have watched the show for all five seasons, but this is the first year our entire family hangs on every routine and clamors to reach for the phone to vote when it is over.
We have to watch it live or we can't vote! Styles range from classic ballroom to contemporary and from Broadway to Hip Hop. They put these dancers through serious tests of their ability and yes, they are truly talented each and every one.
Last night Meissa and Ade performed this stunning and courageous work about the fight against breast cancer. Tyce Diorio choreographed the piece and I am glad he did.

Needless to say, Melissa got my vote last night.

They are down to the final eight and tonight the show will celebrate its 100th episode.
We are all giddy with anticipation around here!
If you have never checked it out before do so tonight on FOX at 8pm.

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