Friday, July 31, 2009

Putting it Out There.

This evening MOMENTA presented the 2009 Young Choreographer's Showcase. The compilation of 19 pieces highlights the choreography of students and teachers; lines are blurred and it becomes difficult to decipher adult choreography from pieces developed by children. Emma participated as a performer last year and this year Finn joined the cast. He pretty much stunned us with his confidence on stage and his technique is improving by leaps and bounds! Emma earned the opportunity to choreograph a piece with a friend. Emma's piece was inspired by a mask I wore here. They called their piece Unmasked and all mom bias aside it was an excellent offering...among the best of the evening. Haunting, mysterious and under three minutes the work left the audience wanting more. I am anxious to see it again tomorrow. Come out if you can! The show starts at 8:30pm at 605 Lake Street in Oak Park and costs $10. I promise it is worth the ticket price.

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