Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Pits

It is summer and good parents bring home seasonal fruits for their children like the ripe, sweet, cherries above. Both Emma and Finn have been enjoying them, but today Emma was all, "look what I can do..." and took this cherry stem out of her mouth.
And suddenly I was having visions of Audry Horne from David Lynch's series Twin Peaks...we are in serious trouble around here. The good news is Emma just thinks her knot tying ability is a "neat trick"....for now.

Here is my plan: I want to be able to say, " Geez Emma, what's the big deal? EVERYONE can do that trick."

So buy some cherries, practice up, and don't make a liar out of me....Instructions below.

  • Move the stem around in your mouth so it becomes more malleable (meaning easier to shape or change form). Swish it back and forth through your mouth so it will be more flexible.
  • Fold the stem in half around the tip of your tongue; the easiest way to do this is lengthwise, so the folded stem lies along the length of the tongue, one end on the top of the tongue, one end on the bottom.
  • Take the folded stem between your front teeth and bite down gently until the two ends cross over, forming a loop.
  • Use the tip of your tongue to push one end of the stem through the loop you've made. Try using your teeth to rotate the looped stem toward the end you are trying to push through. This might take a few minutes, but it is possible, especially with practice!


kswen said...

I could do that when I was her age too!!! (Which means you have plenty to worry about.) Love your blog!

Annie said...

I will start practicing now, but seriously no promises... I have been enjoying bing cherries, and Indiana decker melons. If you can find one it will be more than worth the $3-6 investment. Have an awesome trip!!!!

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