Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 11th: Getting out of Chi-Town...slowly

We've lived in Chicago for fourteen years and we have accepted the fact that it can be difficult to get out of this crazy city, but nothing had prepared us for the mess we encountered as we made our way to Door County.We were navigating our way through the construction on I294 (and clipping right along I might add) in a single express lane. The express lane was walled off and separated from the local lanes..a good choice considering we were making our way to Wisconsin. Or so we thought. Suddenly traffic came to a screeching halt...I mean a shut the engine off, open the doors and wander around kind of halt.
We were trapped.
The local lanes were moving fine and there we sat...motionless on the freeway for more than 90 minutes. Police vehicles were passing cars in our single lane,
bystanders were attempting to disassemble the cement dividing walls in an effort to escape,
and one man even brought out a lawn chair and sat down.
I even lost my shoe!
I was taking these pictures and strolling along the roadside when suddenly we were able to move forward a whole 50 yards. I hopped back in the car only to discover I was missing a shoe after we'd stopped again. I have always wondered how people lose shoes
on the road and now I guess I know!
If we didn't need a vacation before we left we sure did by the time we started moving again.


Mary said...

oh dear, I travel 294 everyday to and from work and it has crossed my mind "what if" every time I get in the express lanes. Sorry you lived my "what if" Have fun

Anonymous said...

I believe the fashionable trend is to tie your shoelaces together and throw them over a power line. Oh, and stop blogging during your vacation.

Mel said...

Dood...I am already home. I didn't touch a computer while I was away!

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