Thursday, July 30, 2009


This my favorite picture I ever took at the Joffrey Ballet.
Emma was performing as the Chinese Girl Doll and Finn was dragged down to the studios every week-end for three months. Finn has a special kind of magnetism and those little bun heads were drawn to him like moths to a flame.
We have come to call this picture "boy at the ballet."
Our family has many many wonderful Nutcracker memories (read about a few here, here, here, and here). We have enjoyed watching Emma transform from little doll, to Tree Angel, and finally Party Child. We were hugely proud that Finn had the courage to audition last year and earned his role role as a red headed Arabian Doll. Our friends and family have been unbelievably supportive of the kids during Nutcracker and we have been humbled by the number of people who came out to see a show!
Without going into too much detail, we have learned about some pretty big changes at the Joffrey and both Emma and Finn have decided they would rather not participate in the production this year.
They made the right decision for the right reasons and I am proud of them.
Our holidays will not be the the same without our Nutcracker Magic and I'm pretty sure we'll have to throw a big party to fill up all of our spare time! We'll keep you posted on a date.


Mary said...

no way, now u know I need more detail

Mb said...

I remember that picture. You are the best at capturing those special moments. Sarah is still pondering....

Mel said...

Mb- I have word that pretty much every former Nutcracker family from OP is not going back. Maybe this is what they want at the Joffrey, but if it isn't they only word is backlash.

Anonymous said...

I imagine that the Joffrey changes that you are being so vague about is that your children don't have a guaranteed role in this year's production as they have in the past and will now have to try out en masse with all the other children.

Your backlash comment is really ridiculous considering your
daughter has danced in the Nutcracker for THREE YEARS while so many other children have gone home dissapointed.

Mel said...

I agree my comment about backlash was a bit harsh, but I was angry when I wrote it over a month ago. I am sure no-one will feel a sting if a few families choose not to come back. I think if you read through my blog you'll find we are a family that is quite supportive of all things Joffrey.

I am not sure who you are or if you have an affiliaition with the company, but for what it is worth, you assume wrong. The choice not to return this year was not about the risk of not getting a role; it was about communication.

It would have been nice if returning families had received a communication of some sort from the company explaining the changes so we could prepare our children for any possible casting disappointment or at the very least know when to show up. I found out about auditions and other big changes through a series of forwarded emails.

I don't think my kids deserve a role more or less than anyone else or shouldn't have to risk disappointment trying-out en masse, but they, along with many others, have been conforming to a system for years. If the system changes it is only fair to inform folks in a respectful manner. That didn't seem to happen and people made the choice not to return because of it.

It is as simple as that.

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