Monday, June 15, 2009

Nuts and Butter...never better.

"I made a cake, but I'm not feeling very good about it," she said upon her arrival.
Last night our dear friends came in from Milwaukee for a little birthday celebration involving a now infamous cake.Billy and Lora are simply incredible people and we love them to no end. One of the things we like best about them is their all around human kindness. They are the best sports.
We now have a sincere love Lora's willingness to bake! She made a carrot cake for Leif and during the process suffered a slight recipe reading mishap.
Lora was mixing the batter and everything seemed fine. The time came to mix the frosting and it called for two sticks of butter, but where was it? Oops...she accidentally mixed it into the cake...along with oil and applesauce. Ironically the applesauce was there to lighten the cake and cut the fat, but when you accidentally add half a pound of butter to a batter I am afraid there isn't a chance in hell a little applesauce will serve it's purpose...other than adding more weight to a cake. What to do? Add two more sticks of butter to the frosting and make an aggressive garnishing plan involving massive quantities of almonds and pineapple...

Birthday wishes and candle blowing ensued and it was time to cut the cake. I have never laughed so hard; the cake weighed about 20 pounds and it was dense...I mean really dense. Actually it was nearly impossible to cut and even harder to eat (though Finn totally cleaned his plate), but it was hands down the BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE EVER! Laughter should be an ingredient in every birthday cake because it just makes life delicious.
Everyone should have friends like ours!

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Mb said...

I've had similar problems baking, but this one sounded so much more fun. to friends!!

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