Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lake Geneva Reunion

Today we headed to my parents' house for a rare family reunion. My side of the family is pretty small and any chance we have to get together with my dad's brother and his family is cause for celebration! The majority of the guys went golfing and Finn was very excited to ride along and drive the cart. My brother and his family came down as well. We all enjoyed the ADORABLE Charlie and the tiny (but huge) Henry. Emma tapped into her mothering instincts in the most beautiful way.
At one point in the afternoon Henry was a bit fussy and my
Uncle Bill tried out his "flying baby" maneuver...
...even though he was slightly out of practice (his baby is 14), Bill's trick worked!Proud Papa took advantage of quiet moment to bond with his newest grand baby...
...and the afternoon finished with a little barefoot golf in the backyard.
The simple fact is, I like these people.
My mom put together a delicious dinner and afforded us all a great and much needed opportunity to reconnect.
I wish we could all be together more often!

1 comment:

Mary said...

looks great! Can Emma be any cuter?

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