Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day of dread...and then

Have you ever had one of those days; a day you are dreading simply because of work and pressure? I had one of those today. I am neck deep in in planning a little event and tonight I had to pull off a reception. As of 7am I had not finished the menu and I had not been to the store...I knew I could get it done, but I was in a lonely space. Event planning, despite the festivities, is a lonely are responsible for all the memories and must eliminate all emotion. I was headed into a bad day of appetizer making...but then people flocked to me like they knew I was lonely. Suddenly people were in my house shaving asparagus, whittling cucumbers, finishing documents on my computer, and buying me lunch! In every way that mattered today I was rescued. I am grateful beyond words. Oh, and we managed to pull off an amazing event...all of us.
Ginger Chicken Cake with cilantro, lime, and ,mango
Micro Grilled Cheese with sunflower seeds

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