Tuesday, June 9, 2009

39 Forever!

Happy birthday Leifer!
Not to be outdone by Leif's 39 kazillion FB birthday wishes, the kids and I put together a nice family celebration. Emma cooked up decadent and slightly sloppy German chocolate cake and I cooked up a mess of grilled steak. Finn lingered for a long time picking out the perfect card and all three of us worked hard picking out his gifts.
I decided Leif might be a dinosaur, but his IPod should not be. We picked up a Nano for him and an IHome docking station. Leif was beyond excited when he saw his new IPod. Finn immediately commented, "Geez Dad, you should be excited. Including the one you haven't opened yet that gift cost $307 dollars!"
Happy birthday...you are worth every penny and then some!


Mary said...

Finnr is just precious...I need to see him in person. The last the I saw him he was"shaggy" from Scooby Doo. He'll forever be 4 in my mind

Happy Birthday Leif

Penny said...

Happy Birthday, Leif!! Wow, 39.....that must be tough :-))

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