Sunday, May 10, 2009


If I have learned anything from nearly twelve years of motherhood it is this simple fact: Predictability is overrated.
Leif invited his mother down to join us for Mother's Day brunch at Custom House before Finn's soccer game today. Unfortunately Nancy got lost on the way down here and wasn't feeling up for a jaunt into the city. Change of plans.
I grabbed the kids and walked to the store to pick up some breakfast staples. I managed to throw together a pretty nice plate and we enjoyed some pleasant conversation.
The kids gave me two tickets to see a taping of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and it really was their own inspired idea! I can't wait wait!

From there we headed to the pitch to watch the Strikers win under a fair amount of pressure. It was nice to see the boys challenged and the team presented the moms with roses after the game.
We worked on the front garden with Nancy before she headed home in the late afternoon.
Leif knew I was disappointed to miss my outing to Custom House and he switched the reservation from brunch to dinner.

I can't express enough just how much I appreciated that thoughtful gesture; I always adore it when he celebrates our family!

Our family outing for the kids first fine dining experience was more than memorable.
I couldn't have predicted this morning I would have been spoon feeding my son sweetbreads and my daughter would have embraced a love for bacon powder like no other.
I would also like to mention I have never eaten so much asparagus in one day...ever.

I could never have predicted the incredible family I would be graced with in my lifetime. These extraordinary creatures were strangers when I gave birth to them. They are greatest gift of my life and people I am proud to know...being their mother is my honor and privilege.


Mb said...

I know the feeling:)

Dan Condon said...

Wait, wait is my favorite. Have so much fun. I saw it in Santa Barbara and it was fantastic.

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