Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring at the Ballet

Spring Program
Les Noces
Valses Poeticos
Round of Angels
Carousel A Dance
At the last minute my friend A of the Pfour was able to join me for the Joffrey Ballet's Spring Program. It was nice to spend an evening out with a girlfriend and since she and I used to see a good number of Joffrey productions together a long time ago it felt great getting back into an old habit.
Ashley Wheater put together an interesting program and I thought it was far more cohesive than his last offering. The program opened with Les Noces choreographed Bronislava Nijinsky. The ballet is a study of Russian Peasant Wedding Rituals...both Pagan and Christian. Like Le Sacre from the Winter Program, my appreciation for this monochromatic and solemn piece is growing over time. It should I guess since the choreographers are brother and sister; I am grateful Ashley Wheater has given ticket holders the chance to compare and contrast pieces from program to program.
While Carousel A Dance was trumpeted to be the program highlight, I found it to be the weakest among the four pieces for a variety of reasons (not the least of which was a very shaky performance in a lead role by one of my favorite Joffrey Dancers). The perfection of Meg Quiorz endured as she and Mauro Villanueva delighted the audience with their whimsical and joyful performance in Valses Poetics; a thirteen minute about endurance!
By far the emotional highlight evening was the performance of Round of Angels to honor the late Gerald Arpino. Kathleen Thielhelm and Fabrice Calmels and a chorus of five broken winged angels created a serene, fluid, and at times death defying scene.
Mr. Arpino would be proud.

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Angela said...

It was a beautiful evening. Thanks again for the invite.

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